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Thread: Switching to hook grip advice

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    OP, do you clean or row? Use a hook grip on those sets too. Will help you get used to it.

    Do all your deadlift warms up etc with a hook for a while, even if you can double over hand it.

    Iíve never used anything but a hook grip and have never had any problems. Mixed grip has always been uncomfortable and always left me feeling like I canít pull heavy. Never been coached on it though.

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    I just switched to hook grip on the deadlift.

    I read the book and watched a ton of videos on how to do it. I used hook grip on my deadlift warmups for two weeks and then tried it for the work set. Last week I hook gripped 400 for 4 reps and switched to mixed to pull the last rep. This morning I pulled 405x5 with hook grip, and it felt fine. I'm double overhand gripping my warmups to save my thumbs for the work set.

    I find it's less painful if I add Step 3.5 to the setup: squeeze the bar and thumbs as hard as I can.

    It's worth it. My thumbs are a little beat up, but these are the benefits I've found:
    - I can set my back better
    - I have no more SI joint pain after deadlifts
    - I can get a bigger breath
    - It's easier to drag the bar up my legs

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    So I do dumbbell rows currently and do not clean.
    What I decided to do was this. I am starting to incorporate hook grip on warm ups and a back off or two. But, I only do this after I do my regular mixed grip work set. This way I keep my strength progressing but I get work with hook grip so maybe in a month I will be comfortable with it enough i can ditch the mixed grip. Also it really does seem after reading more about it people do this at high weight or trying to do speed work or ripping the bar of the ground. I also analyzed my video and I donít think my supinate arm does anything close to bending. It is straight as an arrow. So this may all just be worrying about stupid shit.

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