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    Hey Rip, i wanted your opinion on where i should be in terms of weight if my goal is to be the best powerlifter that i can be

    I am 5ft 7 @ 181lbs looking kind of soft so i would estimate my body fat around 20-25%

    18 years old with a
    375lbs squat
    275lbs bench
    430lbs deadlift been training (properly) for little over a year after discovering starting strength method

    Everyone seems to be suggestiong "before you gain weight you should cut fat first, or else you will be gaining more fat than muscle" which is bullshit according to current evidence on gaining lean body mass, id like to know what you think

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    Ed Coan weighed 242 at 5'5" in a couple of meets.

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    Lohan,for a young man your age with those numbers.....wish I had that problem. But yes, if you are serious then the answer is obvious. Bet you will like how 200 lbs feel on your frame as your numbers go up. You may like the numbers you put up at 220. And if you are serious about being the best power lifter you can be then 240 may sound crazy but if itís muscle from.consistent training it wonít feel soft.
    The Coan example holds true. He sure as hell did not appear soft.

    Use the experience of the experienced lifters around here (not me). Almost everyone says that when they look back at their prime, their only regret is not having more body weight which is required to lift heavier weight.
    Leaving weight behind seems to haunt many a iflifter.


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