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    Just ordered the SS bench. Looking forward to using its 10” width which seems to make sense - better use of the shoulders as you describe in the video - but at my age I try new things reluctantly at best.
    I am looking forward to no padding.
    Question: have you found that trainees need an adjustment period when first using a 10” bench?

    Also at my wife’s request I am ordering a women’s barbell (35 lbs) for her. I had to rule out Capps Welding due to the lead time. Found a Rogue one in stock named B&R Bar (Bergener and Rippetoe).
    Never knew of your past work with Rogue. Got a story? who is this Bergener and why is his name first, don’t they know who you are? And why no center knurled on a bar with your name on it?

    As always thanks.

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    I don't have anything in the gym but 10-inch flat benches, so there is no adjustment period at all. The 15kg B&R bar at Rogue, like all 25mm women's bars, is designed for Olympic weightlifting only, and does not need a center knurl. It was not my idea anyway.


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