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Iíve ordered from Barbell Apparel (Vegas) and although pricey, they deliver to the UK now from Europe so you donít get the bullshit import tax fucking EU anti competition wank bastards.

Iím not riding horses or anything cowboy like, but theyíre stretchy and very comfortable. I quite like the fit but I like to be able to fling my legs around in case I need to kick someone in the head.

Good customer service too. They refunded me on a pair of shorts with a fit that made my dick look obscene.

Best shorts Iíve ever tried on.
Sorry these are denim shorts?

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Iím an advocate of cheap and throwaway these days. Iíve long given up looking for quality. TU brand from Sainsburyís at £15 a pop. If you get a pair in the sale rack as low as £1 and Iíve had a couple of pairs at that price. I used to buy really expensive jeans which lasted well, but £125 a go means a very limited wardrobe. They last pretty well unless youíre doing manual work in them.
I find each pair of marks and Spencer jeans last five years of heavy wear and the cost is pretty low.

The real bane of my life was getting a good suit for business which thankfully is no longer required now I'm not in the city every day.