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Thread: Question re the press in NLP

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    Hi Mark

    I just read your article on the press from 2013 featuring Serge Reding. The video really captures the strength of the guy not to mention demonstrating his vertical jump when he celebrates the lift! Incredible that Chase is probably going to be the first guy in 40 years to match these levels of strength. Anyway itís inspired little old 5ft 7, 183lb, 45 year old me to think about how I can improve my frankly pathetic 35kg press. Iím 4 months into NLP and initially raced ahead to 42kg before crapping out and resetting. My calories and protein are on point, approx 3000 a day, my sleep could probably be better, but none of my other lifts are suffering. Iíve modified my technique after rereading the relevant sections of the book and binge watching videos and form checks on the Starting Strength YouTube site. I think my form has improved and I will get a form check up shortly. My question relates to frequency and I was wondering if pressing twice every week and just benching once per week, would be an appropriate modification to the program to improve press strength, as I would effectively be introducing more volume?

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    Dammit youíre right; gone back and read it. Iíll eat more and sort my sleep out and see what happens.


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