Daniel Oakes: Unintended Consequences Daniel Oakes: Unintended Consequences

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Thread: Daniel Oakes: Unintended Consequences

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    Default Daniel Oakes: Unintended Consequences

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    When I looked into which state I wanted to move to, South Dakota was actually my dream pick. Unfortunately I doubt I could find good work there, especially not quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    We have never had this kind of thing in the UK, it is a road to hell

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    “I have nothing to hide” yet people lock the toilet door and draw the curtains.

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    "Enforcement of pointless rules has always been utilized across time to program mindless conformity"

    Absolutely true. I spent 15 years working for and with the government and this tactic is all too common. It creates unquestioning compliance by most. When someone speaks up with logic they are first ignored. If they continue to speak up they are deemed trouble makers and not a team player. They will be past up for promotion and other favorable action.

    We have seen this occur between our own citizens, but at a much more disturbing level. I know people who have been unfriended by their own children because they will not isolate and follow every rule sent down from the powers that be. There are those in our society who wear their compliance as a badge of honor and virtue. They look down on everyone else as lesser, as the enemy. This is dangerous to say the least.

    I am cautiously optimistic for the Savannah area where I live. In recent weeks I have seen a shift where less folks are wearing masks and mask enforcement by businesses is decreasing. People are tired of it and want to get back to normal.
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