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Thread: Font used in books and website

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    Default Font used in books and website

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    Hi Rip,
    What is the font used for both the Starting Strength book and website? I find this font easy to read in general so I would like to use it whenever possible.

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    Adobe Garamond is the font used in the books.

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    If you inspect the website using the "developer tools" in your web browser you will see what font(s) are being used. For the body of posts the fonts are listed as: Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif. So, that means that your browser will use Verdana first if it has it, then Arial, etc. and if it has none on the list it will use whatever sans-serif font is available. So, not everyone will see the same font.

    All of those listed for the website are san-serif fonts while the Adobe Garamond listed for the book is a serif font. Those will look quite different. In rough terms the serif is the little "feet" that stick out from the strokes of the font at the bottom and sometimes the top and other stroke terminals. Most books are published with serif fonts because the serifs guide the eyes and make reading easier. Many websites and for other computer use sans-serif fonts are used because of the lower resolution of display devices generally available until recently. With low resolutions the serifs can turn blobby particularly at lower point sizes.


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