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Thread: Grams of protein per meal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sib View Post
    Out of interest, is this literally every day? How do you keep to such specific and bland food? (I'm not criticising just interested)
    Yea, I basically always eat at least those two main meals every day, it ensures that I hit my protein goal every day and it keeps me full. I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to be craving, I eat rice/potatoes for my carb sources and I eat eggs/chicken/beef/steak/salmon/milk for my main protein sources. Am I supposed to eat ice cream and cake every day or something? I'm not 12, my diet doesn't have to excite me, it just needs to be enjoyable and effective. But of course I'm human and not trying to be some 10% bodyfat bodybuilder so I eat the occasional package of m&m's or splurge on some cheese and crackers and I enjoy alcohol in moderation. I'm able to stick to this diet, everyone needs to find one they can stick to that fits their own palate. I don't know how anyone sticks to the diet suggestions in the Barbell Prescription with the cringe 2-3 protein shakes per day stuff that used to be in the bodybuilder mags. To each their own.

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