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Thread: My Noob lifting regimen. Appreciate any advice or feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quaitemes View Post
    Oh Yeah! You are so right! I switched to a mostly Carnivore/Paleo Diet a few months ago. That in conjunction with the new medication has worked wonders. I think the plants were killing me!

    Thanks! Are you here in Dallas too? I read there was a starting strength gym here! Would be so nice to not have to use the shitty hex plates at my current gym. Would love to use chalk too! hahaha. Would be nice to be around people that know what they are doing.

    I actually had one idiot come up to me and tell me I should do my squats in the smith machine. I was as polite as I could be, but thought to myself damn, I am a noob,but the guy here are retarded! One of the trainers there had me doing all these stupid pistol squats, and other bullshit. hahahaha!

    After doing a lot more reading, and a little soul searching... I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop eating like a pussy! Seriously, Im at 29% bodyfat. thats like 80lbs. If I gain another 10 it wont really matter. But if I can put on 15-20lbs of muscle that would be huge! Can always lose the fat later. Not like it just magically appeared overnight! hahahaha
    Haha I know what you mean. But you really should read the book and also read some of Santanaís articles on nutrition. I can tell you havenít because in your situation you would not be gaining weight hahaha but seriously just do a little bit of reading and it will be worthwhile. Follow the nlp as written, eat a lot of protein and carbs and keep your dietary fat low, under 100g/day, and stay the course. If you have any specific questions about macros or how much to eat ask in that forum, but just make sure to read his articles first because the guy gets asked the same questions over and over when the answer is usually in one of his articles he has posted up.

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    I want to second what everyone here is telling you: do the program. As written. With your history and genetics of being a strong guy, the weight on the bar will go up fast. If you drop your squat sets to 3 and take proper rest days, I bet you can still make some 10lb jumps. After that you should have a long run of adding 5lbs, each workout--15lbs a week. That adds up fast. If you feel you need to hit the gym 5X/week to form the habit, break your workout up, e.g. squats and chins one day, deadlift and press/bench press the other. Either way, you will make rapid strength gains with less training time and volume than you are doing now. (Do regular chins, or heavy pulldowns for relatively low reps if you aren't strong enough to do chins--don't do the sets of 25 light assisted chins you listed in your workout.)

    There's no need to reinvent the wheel. The Novice Linear Progression isn't the crummy program SS makes noobs do until they earn the right to do the special secret advanced program that really works. The NLP works great and the results you will get are positively addictive. Hitting your numbers day after day, especially if you have trained previously with methods that did not produce that kind of rapid improvement, is something else.

    Also I don't think several pounds of steak, eggs, shrimp, etc. counts as eating like a pussy. But you might have an issue with not getting enough carbs to support your training.

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