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    For about 20 years on and off, I have regularly experienced a sore lower back and neck (I'm almost 50 now). I'm a pretty active fella so I found this predicament rather inconvenient. This soreness could be caused by relatively innocuous activities like picking up the remote control from the floor, to activities involving reasonable exertion like rock-climbing. This led to restricted movements, sharp pains and overall soreness. At it's worst, I was not able to bend over without very considerable pain (Rip scale probably 6/10). I came across one of your podcasts a year or two ago where you said something like the best way to fix a sore back is by doing heavy deadlifts. I thought it was the craziest thing I'd ever heard. Based on the wise advice found on the interweb and various medical professionals I consulted, I tried stretching, heat gels, ice packs, yoga, deep meditation and even at one point in desperation resorted to some physio. No surprise but none of these worked. Thinking about it though, the Deadlift Prescription sort of made sense. Build up a bunch of muscle by lifting heavy, learn to lift objects properly, and your body then be able to carry out normal functionality with ease. Well, it took about six months but I have to say I've followed that prescription it worked like a fucking miracle. I've gone from being unable to properly pull 100 pounds to (now, a year + later) comfortably in the 300s. Back and neck pain gone. And I mean well and truly gonzo. Thank you.


    P.S. If you ever decide to introduce a "Commen-sah from the LOVERS" segment on your podcast, you would be most welcome to you use this.

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    Nice things are somehow not interesting to most people.


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