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Thread: Texas Cafe Classics: Chicken Fried Steak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Smale View Post
    On one hand, I want to feel smug that even as a Canadian I've been following 95% of this process on all chicken/steak/pork frying. But that remaining 5% (seasoning the meat and not adding it to the flour) has me mad about the flavour I've lost along the way. This will not happen again.
    I felt the exact same way

    My birthday is coming, and I just told my girlfriend I want a pigtail flipper.

    Well done Rip. I look forward to more of these. I watch way too many cooking shows, and if you did one of these videos per week yours would immediately be one of my favourites.

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    So I had a couple of days off and was bored. I bought a pigtail and some meat. Man I have tried to make chicken fry many times before ad results were meh. I made that stuff while I watched the video and did it exactly as instructed. I will not be able to maintain my less than 220lb weight any longer. I used beef and it was really good. I canít imagine how the pork would be better. Looking forward to making the hamburger steak.

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