keep hurting my back on DL keep hurting my back on DL

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Thread: keep hurting my back on DL

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    Default keep hurting my back on DL

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    Here we go agin, PLEASE HELP ME:
    44 years old 90 Kg 185 c"m (200 pounds 6 ft)
    I have been training for years now with very modest results (RM5 - squat 90Kg, DL 120Kg press 50Kg, bench 70 Kg).
    I have only started SS about 2 years ago, up until then I have been doing a variety of strength training mainly using barbells.

    the main limiting factor has been repeating injuries. A few years ago I got to a point I could not run 3 steps, only walk due to pain in my Inner thigh, solved that one with 6 month of physiotherapy, and managed to add 20Kg to my RM5. Then hit another wall, my lower back. Every so often I start a DL set, sometime even during warmup, position my self using the 5 steps, lift one or more sets with nothing interesting to report, and then out of nowhere BOOM a sharp pain shuts down my back. it is followed by a few days of lower back pain, a bit of swelling there to.
    This last time happened after coming back from a lockdown, I dropped all the sets to 40% of my RM5, worked up nicely for 2 weeds with no problems and today I squatted and during worm up i did have a bit of pain in my lower back but nothing I could not live with. did a worm up set of DL (60KG) went on to a work set of 70Kg, and on the 5th lift - BOOM

    I have never ever been any good at sports. always in the bottom 10% and the barbell is the only sport I actually enjoy and I don't want to give it up.


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    You are not doing the program. You haven't even tried to do the program. Get the book, do the program.

    A Clarification | Mark Rippetoe


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