Jonathon Sullivan MD PhD SSC: Inguinal Hernia and Strength Training Jonathon Sullivan MD PhD SSC: Inguinal Hernia and Strength Training

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Thread: Jonathon Sullivan MD PhD SSC: Inguinal Hernia and Strength Training

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    Default Jonathon Sullivan MD PhD SSC: Inguinal Hernia and Strength Training

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    That was fantastic! Great job, Sully! Much appreciated. I had hernia repair in 1993 (mesh). No issues since. Sadly, you’ll still get hundreds of hernia questions, Rip.

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    I had a bilateral laparoscopic TEP mesh repair in August 2017. Have had no problems with it since.

    Soon after I woke up from the surgery and while I was still in my post-anesthesia bliss, the nurse gave my my discharge instructions. My ride took me to Walgreens to pick up pain pills and while I was there (and still in my drug-induced bliss) I lost half of the pages of the instructions. So I had no idea of what limitations my surgeon intended.

    In the time before the surgery I read stuff on this board and on other boards related to physical activity (Crossfit, gymnastics, rock climbing, powerlifting, bodybuilding, hiking, running, etc.). I noticed that those who went back to activity as soon as they could had less problems than those who waited. The worse outcomes were usually those who said something along the lines of, "My doctor said I could resume all activity after six weeks but I was worried so I waited six months just to be sure." Invariably these people pain and discomfort that persisted, I assume from scar tissue. So I was in the gym walking on the incline treadmill three days after surgery and lifting eleven days after. I happened to talk to my surgeon's assistant after I had already been to the gym and lifted twice and asked her about limitations. She said nothing heavier than a gallon of milk. I didn't tell her about the 40lb container of cat litter at Costco or the gym. When I had my follow up visit with the surgeon two weeks post-surgery I asked him about the milk container limit and he said that was what it was supposed to be. I didn't tell him about the cat litter or gym either. At the end of the visit he said, "No restrictions." Then he looked at me funny and said, "Just don't lift anything too heavy." I did my first post-surgery deadlifts the next day.

    I do have to give credit to the surgeon. From my understanding, he does lots and lots of these. He could probably do it in his sleep. Practice makes perfect.

    I posted this the day after my surgery:

    I think the nurse was impressed that, 1) I could move myself on the gurney after surgery, and 2) I wasn't demanding pain medicine. Probably not the experience they have with most 61 (soon to be 62) year olds.

    I posted this in my log but decided to also put it here because I am in this demographic (I refuse to use the "E" or "G" words). Ongoing posts about my recovery will be in my log if anyone is interested.

    Had laparoscopic (TEP) inguinal hernia repair yesterday. It had been discussed with the surgeon, and approved by the insurance, that if he found one on the other (left) side when he was in there with the scope that it would patched too. He found one on the left and repaired it too.

    Was wheeled from the pre-op area to the OR at about 12:30pm. The midazolam they injected into my IV made for a wild ride down the hospital corridors, almost worth the price of admission. The last thing I remember is being moved from the gurney to the operating table; woke up about 1:30pm in the recovery room. (Was home by 3:30pm.)

    Nurse asked me, "Do you need anything for pain?" I replied that I did not as I was only sore sort of like I did too many situps. Then she asked if I would like to scoot back because my feet were off the end of the gurney. I said, "Yes", and she turned to get some help. At the same time, I grabbed the rails and scooted myself back. She looked at me and gasped, "He's moving himself." Then she asked me again if I needed anything for pain. I replied that I did not again and asked, "Why, should I, are people in a lot of pain after this type of surgery?" She looked at me and said, "Usually the ones in better shape don't have as much pain."

    So far I have only needed acetaminophen (paracetamol for the those in the UK). Pain has been very mild.

    Squatting prior to this has made me able to get out of chairs and bed using only my leg power and without thrashing around, which most certainly helps.

    Not even 24hr yet; after 48 I can start ramping up my activity levels.

    Ten days after I posted this:

    Back in the gym today and did bench presses, chins, and some dumbbell exercises. Ten days post-op. Not far from where I left off. I did go in with a no grinding rule because I didn't think that would be a good idea at this stage.

    Even chins, which some have trouble with post hernia repair due to tightness in the lower abs, were fine.

    No pain, just a little tugging sensation now and then. It was very good mentally to be back, even if I set no PRs today.


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