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Thread: Starting at a powerlifting gym

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ23 View Post
    bro free.
    This too is a good idea for a shirt print

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    If they donít kick you out keep lifting. You donít need friends, you need a place to lift. In the mean time gradually build up a home gym
    Stuff to buy:
    - Rack(donít get cheap but not expensive, you can also make one; there are plans on the SS site, wood can be used here too it just has to be thicker than steel.
    - Bar( SS bar is really good),
    - Used weight plates: 45(6-10), 25(2), 10(4), 5(2), 2.5(2), 1.25(2). These in pounds.
    - Rubber horse stall mats( good hard rubber)
    This will go a long way. You can slowly add from here but this list travels well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mmll View Post
    Hi Rip

    I've cancelled my membership at a popular commercial gym because they told me I cant use chalk anymore. After making lots of enquiries ive realised most gyms in my neighbourhood dont allow chalk either. So im starting at a powerlifting gym next week that allows it, but there's a problem - the guys there dont like the way you teach the lifts (particularly the squat) and they tell me to do the lifts their way, in a really persistent annoying way.

    I've already met a couple of guys that train there while at another gym, and they were immediately giving me lectures about how I should squat, bench press etc their way instead of your way eg they squat with a wide stance and a wide grip, bench press with a huge arch in their back etc. Most of the guys there are huge, very strong, and some are on steroids. They regularly say stuff like "if you wanna get really strong you gotta do this", "you shouldnt be doin that", "Watch me then you try" etc.

    Anyway I dont want to do the lifts their way, I dont want to listen to their lectures and have them telling me what to do...but im a bit stuck because its the only proper barbell gym around. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with the unsolicited advice/them trying to change the way i lift, without getting into awkward arguments? I have issues with anxiety, and every time I start explaining the reasons for your techniques they just say stuff like "yeh but look at how many elite powerlifters have actually been trained by Mark Rippetoe or use his methods...none".

    Sorry if this sounds ridiculous, but i've already got into numerous arguments about this stuff and I dont want to deal with it anymore. I havent got good coordination or proprioception and I know my technique is not perfect, but I just want to be able to go to the gym and do my lifts without having to deal with this shit.

    Its actually quite hard to find a gym with a good culture without some kind of bullshit. Large overear wireless headphones are a good way to show you are not there to chat.

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    I used to train at a powerlifting gym, and even while training at a Starting Strength gym, I occasionally had to train at Metroflex because of schedule issues. Here are my two cents:
    - Wear headphones/earbuds/whatever and set the safeties when you squat and bench. Then you will never need to take off your headphones to ask for a spot or lift off.
    - Do the program. Eventually you will squat as much as the bros without the help of knee wraps, monolift, squat suit, nose tork, 3/4 squats, and whatever else powerlifters use to "hit big numbers."
    - Start working on a home gym or find a training partner that has one you can use.

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    Stop making eye contact.

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    Every time someone starts talking to you about doing stuff just start talking about how it aggravates your incontinence. In fact go into great detail about how certain foods give you anal leakage. Talk about your food allergies and how bad gluten is on your sex life. I promise you if you start talking about these things they will avoid talking to you like the plague.

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    Some alternative positive thoughts for such dark days.

    I happen to love gym culture. Especially black iron gyms. I understand some people arenít social aren't extroverted, donít like the bro bullshit, etc. Embrace it. You are in battle, not watching a ballet.

    DONT wear headphones. Listen to everything. Let them know your listening. Some of the things you hear are good for a rep or two or a PR. Because they are THAT stupid. Challenging someoneís bullshit can generate adrenaline. Not always and not for everyone, but try it. If it comes to fighting, which it wonít, all the better. Grow a pair you'll be fine.

    DO talk to people. Ask advice. Even if you know or think itís wrong. Conversation is healthy. People LOVE giving advise (consider this thread). Itís human. It kills time between sets.

    DO ask for a spot. Not for warm ups or light sets. (Never for a deadlift obviously). An audience helps with adrenaline too. Tell them donít touch anything, just keep an eye on me. Pick someone for the spot who needs a confidence boost. Never pick the asshole. Win win.

    Make a spectacle. This is strong medicine to be used sparingly. A few times a year. Some people make noise or have a fit. I find a random word to shout as loud as possible. Obama, Kavanough, abortion, Maga.... No context. No elaboration. Just thinking your going do it for your PR lift produces adrenaline, people will be watching you, it will get juices flowing. Very similar to asking someone for a first date. It's nerve racking. That's good.

    Everything bad youíve heard about gyms are true. So what? Iíve met lifelong friends at various gyms. Some of them from this forum.

    Home gyms are for people with enormous self discipline. They exist. Real gyms are for people that love real experiences and live for stories to tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oso Rojo View Post
    Just smile and say thank you and put your ear buds back in. They will get the hint. You also need to hitch up your big boy pants and stop worrying about what "they" think or say.
    The 3 F's, my friend: if they aren't feeding you, fucking you, or funding you why care what they have to say?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Charles View Post
    Some alternative positive thoughts for such dark days . . . Real gyms are for people that love real experiences and live for stories to tell.
    Thanks, food for thought!

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    starting strength coach development program
    Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower. Use this as a liner progression opportunity for developing that superpower.

    (Not making light of your situation. And also not caring what people think is a lot easier as a nearly-50 misanthrope like me than it was when I was in my twenties)

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