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    Love the shirt

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    Let me help you with the catfish-breading-falling-off problem. It's the least I can do in exchange for the all the strength training wisdom you've provided and the pork cutlet secret for chicken fried steak.

    My method of fish frying has been developed over time and focused on Alaskan halibut but works well with all fish, especially boneless filets. Halibut fishing could be included as an accessory exercise. If halibut didn't taste so good I doubt anyone would do it just for fun. Blindly jigging 1-3 lb weighted baits off the bottom in 300' of water to catch a large fish that feels like reeling an anchor until it reaches the surface then goes beserk and requires a well placed gaff or a shotgun blast to boat it is the polar opposite of the gentlemanly fly fishing hobby that returns their catch unharmed.

    On to the method:

    Soak filets in salted water for at least an hour preferably longer if fish has been frozen for a while. (Tbsp per quart of water will work)

    Rinse filets and shake off excess water.

    Roll in flour.

    Dip in beaten egg/favorite hot sauce wash. (Cholula, Tabasco, Louisiana or Texas Pete all work fine or can be eliminated for the meek)

    Roll in FINELY crushed saltine crackers. These crackers should be powdered by bagging them in a zip lok and using a rolling pin. Corn meal can be added and some might prefer only seasoned corn meal especially for crappie filets rather than the crushed crackers but the crackers give a great crunch.

    Place breaded pieces on rack sitting on a metal sheet pan. At this point I hit the filets with black pepper but usually because I forgot to add it earlier in the flour, egg wash or cracker mix.

    Now here is the key to breading staying on the filets: place the sheet pan with the filets in the refrigerator for 2 hours BEFORE frying.
    Cold breading+cold fish into hot oil = breading staying on the filet.

    When filets are chilled, get your oil to 350-370 and fry them. Time will be dependent on filet thickness. Try not to overcook. Do multiple batches so they don't touch. This can be done in a Dutch oven on a cook top or outdoor Bayou classic propane burner. Be sure to check your oil temperature between batches because it will cool down when fish is added. Only fry when the oil is over 350.

    Chilling the breaded fillets makes a huge difference in breading retention. We find almost zero breading left in the oil when we are finished.

    Oh, I forgot. I'm 68 yr old.

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    How can I purchase the shirt?


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