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    Apparently not allowing men to compete against women in weightlifting is harmful to women. In response to USA Powerlifting banning a man, sorry, transgender woman, from lifting in the women's division, the group "Gender Justice" stated that "the ban is illegal and rooted in outdated gender stereotypes that are harmful to women athletes." The mental gymnastics people like this have to go through to justify their positions always impresses me. I'm sure the women knocked off the podium by a biological man are eternally grateful for being protected from harm.

    In any case, I think this is fairly moot, as USA Powerlifting has created a new category, "MX", to provide "competition space for any and all athletes no matter how they identify", starting in 2022.

    Original article

    Link to USA Powerlifting page: USA Powerlifting MX Category

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    I guess I wonder why they just don't do female and open, but I guess this will be less controversial to the mob.

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    I dunno, I'd think letting biological men compete against biological women in many sports is potentially VERY harmful to the women athletes.

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    South Park made a documentary about this very subject.

    "Go Strong Woman, Go" (Original Music) - SOUTH PARK - YouTube


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