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Thread: Bryan Glahn: Train Like Your Life Depends on It

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will Still View Post
    If you've ever woken up in the morning with a little dried blood caked in your ear, its a sure sign one was feeding on you during the night. You've probably swallowed a few hundred over the course of your life. Ever wake up coughing? Just ate a spider. Don't worry, they're a good protein source, and its payback for all the night time bites you've unknowingly suffered.
    Somehow this is bringing up buried disturbing childhood memories of “The Walrus and the Carpenter”. Poor baby oysters. Never forgot the image of those empty shells.

    How could Disney do that to me?

    How can we do this to harmless itty bitty spiders?

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    Good article. If my recent past with relatives has taught me anything, you have to stay on top of your health as you get older, otherwise ailments compound. You put off getting a new knee but because of the pain, you become less mobile and gain weight. The excess weight brings on other issues, and now you couldn't get the operation anyway etc etc.

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