Curls instead of chins for pin firing? Curls instead of chins for pin firing?

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Thread: Curls instead of chins for pin firing?

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    Default Curls instead of chins for pin firing?

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    A friend with an elbow problem canít chin. Would dumbbell curls be a substitute? Thanks

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    Lat pulldowns would be the sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbdonner View Post
    A friend with an elbow problem canít chin. Would dumbbell curls be a substitute? Thanks
    Over the past several years, I've struggled with persistent biceps pain and elbow pain. It has been variously diagnosed as C7 radiculopathy, biceps tendonitis, golfer's elbow, and/or tennis elbow. I've had MRIs, physical exams, and x-rays. The primary problem is that it completely inhibited my ability to progress the bench press and the press, and secondarily at times was a choke-point for my squat. Chins were also a major struggle--and I could not really progress to unassisted chins due to the pain.

    I've read almost every post on this board (and others), including several that I started. I received lots of good ideas, and I played with most of them. I used a combination of exercises, which finally brought me relief in the past four months. Here are the exercises that helped me the most:

    1. The pin-firing approach that I assume you're referring to--I did chins but using assistance bands liberally. Obviously, these were sub-maximal reps, but it enabled me to do a lot of reps. I typically aimed for an assistance band that enabled me to do between 12-15 reps for three sets. I did these once a week.

    2. Hammer curls. For whatever reason, hammer curls aggravated my situation less than barbell or dumbell curls. I typically did these once a week, in the 15-20 rep range for three sets.

    3. A series of physical therapy suggested stretching exercises (you can look them up on youtube or elsewhere for the actual movement): (a) Radial Nerve Glides, 5-8 reps, 2-4x per day, 5-7 days per week. Hold each glide at extension for 3-5 seconds; (b) wrist extension stretch (median nerve glide), 5 reps 4x per day, 5-7 days per week; (c) wrist flexion stretch (same as extension reps); (d) prone shoulder end range lift off (10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 5-8 reps 3x per week).

    4. (probably most importantly) Make sure squat grip is correct. For me, this meant widening my hand placement on the bar, while still contracting my upper back and lifting my chest. The key (as described in multiple videos here) is to take all the weight off the wrists/elbows.


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