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    A physically / mentally strong AND awake partner....preferably of the opposite sex. Where one is weak, the other is strong. We were designed this way for a reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerald Boggs View Post
    I was 13 days without power during the Maine ice storm of 98, and one of the things that made it liveable, was a propane stove.
    I was talking about the ice storm of Ď98 with my mom recently. We were living in North Conway, NH at the time and were some of the lucky ones who only lost power for a few days. She had to make a tent with candle heaters (clay pot braced over a candle) to keep my pet lizard alive. Donít know how she knew about this candle heater before the internets, but apparently it throws off enough heat to keep a lizard alive for a few days without power.

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    Archery skills and equipment you can definitely feed yourself and in a pinch protection is also possible
    And they are stealthy

    Longbows and recurves are best simple and durable, arrows are reusable and can be made at home if it really came to that

    And itís a fun pastime

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Jackson View Post
    Thanks for the tips. I've just picked up a copy of the Ball book you mentioned. I went big to offset all the fakakta import fees and custom duty (you can't get All American cookers here at all), and also my thought process was that bigger would be better come harvest time as I'm finally getting the hang of gardening. This is insanely huge, thought. You're right! Should be useful for my wastelander grandchildren when they're putting up a whole long pig for the winter, though.

    Should we start dropping useful book titles here? I think a good library is equally as important as all the fancy gear in the world.

    On the subject of gardening, Charles Dowding in the UK has developed this idea of "no dig" gardening which involves building up a bed of various materials, including cardboard and compost, which then decomposes over the course of the first growing season. It takes a bit of forethought. By the second season, you will have rich soil with a perfect structure for planting right into. It improves the soil condition, as the microbial life isn't unturned and exposed to the elements and also saves your arse from having to dig like a fool. Most importantly it cuts down on weeds, as they can't penetrate the lasagne-like layers of material during year 1, so if you're not particularly a gardener and don't enjoy spending time with maintenance - but still want to get prepared for uncertain times, this is a great way to go.

    No Dig: feed the soil not the plants for many, easier harvests and few weeds - YouTube
    I try to look for the "Rippetoe" within any industry, especially when I am new to it. The same with gardening, I had to wade through the junk to find the small gems. I think I found a good one in this site. He is very straight forward, sticks to his fundamentals, and debunks a lot of conventional wisdom withing the gardening world.

    Mike's Backyard Nursery - The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Bibs On!

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    Rip, you should get this guy "John Mosby" on the radio show to talk about preparedness and the decline of our civilisation. He isn't your typical "Beans, bullets and band-aids" guy. He recommends moving out into the middle of nowhere, building a house and starting a community - like you. He recommends your books by name in his book/manual "The Reluctant Partisan" and in his blog (which worth reading still but has gone quiet since moving over to Patreon)

    MountainGuerrilla | Nous Defions!

    An interview with the guy: EP 169: Mountain Guerrilla John Mosby, Rise of the Machines, Evil Empires, & Knock Knock Your Dead - YouTube

    A YouTuber reviews his books: The Reluctant Partisan vols 1 and 2 - YouTube

    His e-mail:

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