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    I wasn’t sure to post this in the movies thread or horror movies podcast thread. While listening to the podcast, I kept thinking of The Chekist. It is a story of a Soviet Chekist organizing and systematically committing mass executions during the Russian Civil War. The film is deeply disturbing. The film is described as an historical drama, but it has all the characteristics of a horror film. You can watch it on YouTube with English subtitles. There is no gore, but it is filled with extreme realistic violence and non-sexual nudity.

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    Another great show on movies! I also liked Session 9. Does it qualify as horror?

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    I'm not a big horror movie fan, but the one I consider my favorite and best is the original 1979 Alien. For me it's a good a horror and suspense movie as sci-fi. If I had a runner up it would probably be the first Halloween, because it (and the second) was written to be almost plausible, compared to most horror movies which you could detach from reality and remember you're watching a movie. Sorry, not much of a horror fan here, I generally find them too predictable and boring. I'd love to put the first Shining on the list but they screwed up the story too much.


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