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Thread: THC vs Alcohol for a serious lifter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldandfat View Post
    Just asking because almost every adult I know that smokes pot everyday lives in his (always a male) moms basement, is unemployed and basically a loser.

    Maybe Iím wrong.
    None of the potheads I've known were deadbeats. They all had jobs, usually physical jobs like mechanics or construction. I actually know none who own game systems. Too busy for them between work, the gym, real life.
    None of that means there aren't people who fit your description. I'm just not stupid enough to blame drugs or alcohol for people being being lazy dumbasses. If one is a lazy dumbass then they just are. Drugs didn't make them that way, they just like having something to blame their shit on. I don't play that. You own who you are and what you do. I also have had a number of female friends who smoke pot. A few for things like making chemo easier to handle but mostly just because they like it. Instead of a beer after a long day they eat a pot brownie and have a nice night. The fact that I've never known any losers who smoke pot probably boils down to the fact that I don't hang out with losers who lack the responsibility to handle their lives.
    Oh, and I change my own tires, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMiller1991 View Post
    Hi Mark,

    Since you have been in the game forever and aren't some sort of pinko commie (pun not intended), I am curious about your opinion on this.

    I'm 30yo now, and have recently (about a month ago) started using mild thc/cbd products to stop drinking. Had been a 2 handles a week + beer/wine guy for years, and it was beginning to kill me.
    Never was able to quit or really cut back due to dependence on it, but the thc got me off of it in a few weeks.

    I hated the idea of using the shit, but the first thing I noticed was my ability to eat skyrocketed (used to not be able to stomach anything until after noon or so) and my lifts started to go up quicker obviously due to the increased calories. But I have next to no experience with/around the stuff so I'm not sure if it is a good long term decision to swap alcohol for thc.

    Have you seen any significant deleterious effects of using cannabis products while strength training, and in your opinion is it worth it to use if it keeps me from drinking too heavily?

    If it makes a difference in your answer, I have been doing the program for about 6 months my numbers are below.

    Male 30yo 6'1"/6'2" 245
    Press 235 1RM
    Bench 305 1RM
    Squat 325 1RM
    Dead 455 1RM
    Mary J is not going to impact your lifting at all. But it could make you lazy and less in the mood to train. I end up doing stupid shit like leg presses on the smith machine when I got really baked last time.

    Actually, In line with 19th century strong man diet prescriptions, I find that 1-2 high strength ales provide a much greater boost to strength than mary J. The ethanol numbs you to pain, so you can train a bit harder, especially when you're feeling over trained and beat up... A few nips can numb the pain and allow you to push hard when you're fatigued, mary j doesn't give you that. So Alcohol is better for trainers / strong men.

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