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    Ill be getting an Epigastric hernia repair with mesh next week. I found information on the forums about inguinal hernias but not much on epigastric hernias.

    Surgeon said the guideline was no more than 20lbs for 6 weeks. He indicated that the guideline was very conservative and said to go on feel. Still would not recommend training heavy for that timeframe.

    My plan was 2 weeks off then restart linear progression pretty conservatively to avoid soreness.

    Thought Id take a shot and see if you or the members could share any advice or experience.

    Also bought my 12 year old boy the starting strength book and myself the practical programming book. Took a light hand with getting him to start lifting and was only able to get him to really commit one month before football started. Once he got back on the field and was able to use the strength he built he is really fired up to start again when the season is over. I wish I had access to the information in your books when I was his age thanks

    Some background
    42 M 195lbs 511 Body-fat 15%
    Sq 380
    DL 425
    BP 285
    OP 185

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    That's the only injury I haven't had, so no personal experience with it. In general, wait the 2 weeks for the mesh to incorporate, start back slow, and wear a second belt or knee wraps tied over the wound to support it while it's healing. You'll be fine.

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    I had an epigastric hernia in 2014. They used my own tissue to repair it, no mesh. No relapse (knock on wood) since and i'm much stronger. I pulled 200 lb 7 days later. Back arching was the most aggravating ROM so had to do more of a military press and belted for everything. I'm not suggesting you do this, just sharing my experience.


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