Tom Bailey: Knee Loading in a Properly Performed Squat Tom Bailey: Knee Loading in a Properly Performed Squat

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Thread: Tom Bailey: Knee Loading in a Properly Performed Squat

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    Thanks for the essay and analysis.

    One part I don't follow is how the net force relates to injury potential. I would have thought it is the force on the individual part that is related to injury (among other factors). For example, I don't see how the forces on two ligaments being balanced relates to whether an individual ligament is overloaded and at risk of injury.

    I would greatly appreciate some explanation of what I am missing here.

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    Well done. There has to be a socratic method to asking doctors (such as your son's highly respected ortho surgeon) a question that tricks them into properly thinking about their answer. For example, something like: "Doctr, given the role of the hamstrings on the tibia, when do you think my son can return to squatting?" or something like that.

    I once almost brought a female cardiologist to tears when I asked her the simple question, "But if saturated fat contains no cholesterol, how does it elevate cholesterol?" Her brain almost melted when she considered the implications of my question. I'm not sure its related, but I just recalled speaking with a female GP who runs a male TRT clinic who had never heard of exemestane when I asked whether she recommended arimidex or aromasin to patients.



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