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    Running an entire football team through the NLP is extremely difficult. It takes a lot of time and patience, and you have to be able to handle a lot of frustration and disappointment. Kind of like coaching football in general. But we did it.

    Now, my standard of evidence might be different from others. For me, stronger players who win more games and go deeper in the playoffs than any team in a school’s 60 year history is evidence that it worked. I’m not sure why I should care about anything else.

    Maybe I’m too dumb to know it’s impossible. I can live with that.

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    Regarding the comment about training in the cold, I train in an open garage, it was 20°F yesterday.
    Just wear your usual sweatpants and training shoes. I wear a wool hat and Northface Nuptse down jacket. It compresses well and does not disturb the bar position on the back. It compresses enough that there’s no need to remove it to wear a belt. The belt still works with a down or fleece jacket on. Anything above 32°F and I just wear a fleece.
    As soon as you get out there get to work on your warmups. If you’re training squats you’ll never actually get cold, if you move quickly between your warmups.
    This part may sound controversial, but I put on some nice deerskin work gloves to change iron plates, do presses, bench presses, and squats. I also do my deadlift warmups with them, but remove them for deadlift work sets. That’s the only time they really get in the way. I also ditch them when it warms up into the 40’s.
    I used to use a heat gun to warm the bar up, which works nicely, but that takes up too much time.
    If it’s really fucking cold, and I need 5-10 minutes between work sets, I just go in the house.
    This is better than letting weather dictate when you can train.

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    This was fun to listen to. Thank you.
    A couple comments… I would prefer to go to bed at 9, but my family forces me to bed past 10 usually. The pirifromis release is a great tool, I have used it countless times in the clinic and outside of it. Just used it the other day on a friend, the chiropractor told him he had bone out of place….did the release and he has reported 50% decrease in pain this week. That was one time after 2 years of this pain for him.

    After researching for many years on relocating and actually moving out West before coming back to eastern Texas, I have concluded. The best place in the world is the US, the best place in the US is middle America, within middle America the best place is the Ozarks. Eastern Oklahoma, Northern Arkansas, Southern Missouri. Within those, I personally will be choosing Southern MO. Lots of racing culture, beautiful scenery, and Springfield doesn’t seem to bad.
    If someone wants the West, hunting, and red politics, the land between Wichita Falls and Amarillo would be worth considering. The problem with these places will be tornadoes, but tornadoes don’t take out the entire region, like a hurricane can. Basements, tornado room, or underground bunker.

    When looking at relocating, look for big regions that support your style, not necessarily states. The cities will look different no matter what state it’s in when the shit hits. Be in a region with people who are like you…. in every single way. Because when it does hit the fan, we get real tribal real quick.

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    Tornado alley has been moving east for the past few decades. Hysterical Oklahoma tv weather broadcasters are greatly disappointed.

    Is Tornado Alley shifting to the east? The data says yes


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