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    I've been looking locally to buy a whole beef and the prices at that scale seem to be consistently about $9/lb (packaged). I had heard that $5-7/lb was more typical. What are you seeing in the market and do you think I'm just noticing inflation and all of the prices I heard are just outdated?
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    I just put 2 beef in my freezer for $5.63/pound cut and wrapped, looks to be High Choice. This is a local market phenomenon, and the problem is probably aren't dealing with the actual producer of the beef but a middleman that has marked it up. I'd recommend buying whole beef from a guy who can show you the steer standing on the ground looking at you. This may not be possible depending on where you are, but it will be more expensive.

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    Out here in Eastern Washington, we buy directly from the rancher. Current whole price is $7.50/lb, packaged. Half beef price is $8.05/lb, packaged.

    But they've also given us the warning that they will be balancing their books this week and to expect a price change soon. Unfortunately, we can't take advantage, as we took delivery of a half cow a few months ago and it's just the two of us.

    We watch the herds from afar, as they have quite a social media presence (the ranchers and the cows). The cows are moved seasonally to keep in warmer climes during the winter, eating whatever they can find on the southern ranch.

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    The economics of my deer and elk hunting addiction is looking better than ever.


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