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    Hey Rip

    The other day I watched a video where a Team USA Olympic Lifting Coach was attacking your views on Olympic Lifting (the video was about a year old). It was pure cope on his behalf because letís face it, US weight lifting is in a parlous state compared with Chinese Olympic Lifting. I was wondering if you had a view on what makes Chinese weight lifting so successful in comparison? Appreciate from another post on these forums that you tend to regard Olympic lifting questions with some suspicion, but I am genuinely curious on what your viewpoint may be. Thanks.

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    When you have 1.5 billion people to assemble a team from, and no real competition for talent within the country, it's rather easy to find 8 men and 7 women (or whatever it is now) to beat everybody else in the world. The Chinese coaches aren't any better than ours, they are just in a much more favorable situation wrt choosing their lifters.


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