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    Hello Mark,

    Iím writing to thank you for your excellent interview with Dr. Malcom Kendrick two weeks ago, it has prevented my wife and I from making a horrible mistake regarding my 14 year-old daughterís healthcare. She has always had what conventional medicine would call high cholesterol, and at 5í-6Ē and 157 pounds, she is considered obese by medical standards. Since she is about to go on an acne medication that has the possible side effect of raising oneís cholesterol, her doctor recommended we preemptively put her on a statin.

    Here's the thing that didn't smell right. She is a very high-level athlete, and Iím not just bragging as a parent. She is a competitive year-round club swimmer in the grueling 200 fly and 1500/1650 free and spends nearly two hours a day in the pool. In the summer she swims open water and also rows, being the stroke of a pretty competitive coxless four. On top of all that, she weight trains three days a week, performing the basic barbell movements as well as a few other silly things that trainers insist on adding to the recipe to make it their own. She has the body composition you would expect of a flyer with a near bodyweight press and looks like a CrossFit athlete, not an obese teenager. How any medical professional could consider her unhealthy was beyond us, but they are so good at convincing you they are the experts.

    Anyway, after hearing your conversation with Dr. Kendrick, we were outraged at her doctor's recommendation so we did the only reasonable thing we could think of Ė we fired her doctor. Thanks again for all the information you and your team freely put out.

    BTW - on another podcast you mentioned the quality of the food back in the day at the OTC cafeteria. I can assure you it is still pretty damn good. Not sure if athletes need a sundae bar, but the parents sure appreciate it!

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    You're welcome, Dennis. Don't be such a stranger.

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