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Thread: Forbidden discussion: Childhood vaccinations

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    Attorney Aaron Siri testifies before South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee on DHEC.
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    Vaccines are training for your immune system. Quite literally. It is highly recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No insect View Post
    Vaccines are training for your immune system. Quite literally. It is highly recommended.
    Did you bother to read any of the previous 240 posts in this thread before you shit this one out?

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    In case anyone is interested, my newborn is receiving the following immunisations:

    Oral vitamin K over injected. We missed the 3rd dose because it's only an issue post birth so the 2nd and 3 doses are pointless.

    Starting at 3 months not the 6 weeks recommended:

    Act HIB/Hiberix for HiB as these brands have 0 aluminium.

    4 months Daptacel for Pertussis (and diptheria and tetanus which have no value but there's no stand alone pertussis shot) as it's the lowest aluminium content available.

    Keeping doses separate by 1 months to monitor and clear up any issues.

    MMR at 3 years old as this appears to largely avoid any issues with autism/other neurological issues.

    We considered the pneumococcal/meningococcal shots but they are a bit borderline and didn't make the cut.

    Haven't actually approached the current GP about it yet, but I suspect the issue will be getting specific brands, and potentially finding a GP that will do just one shot, we may have to take him to a chemist to have them done one at a time.

    I found the vaccine friendly plan by Dr. Paul Thomas very helpful as this is what we are largely following, each shot has it's pro's and cons weighted with solid arguments for and against each option. It's exactly what I'd want a Dr to talk about when discussing vaccines.

    We're also obviously not give acetaminophen prior to shots as recommended as that is moronic, as it interferes with the body's ability to clear toxins like aluminum.

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