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Thread: Mia Inman PhD SSC: Hips Rising Early in the Deadlift

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    Default Mia Inman PhD SSC: Hips Rising Early in the Deadlift

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    I’ve found that rocking back slightly while maintaining tight form cues the bottom of the feet, which makes it easier to follow the cue to push the floor away. (I tend to shift weight to toes when setting the back.) It also sets the bar into the groove that minimizes the moment arm. DL’s have been going up quicker lately because of this, I think.

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    I never really understood what was meant with "push the floor away" (I've never done leg presses, maybe that has something to do with it). For me "use only your legs at first" was more helpful, along with "be patient, wait for the bar to come off the ground". I think I was too eager to get upright and that caused me to pull on the bar using my upper body, which of course leads to back rounding.

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