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Thread: Guitar players

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    I heard Leo Kottke in concert twice as well as John Fahey in 1975 who was not appreciated. I'm not sure what year this is.
    John Fahey - On the Sunny Side of the Ocean - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Warren Haynes is about 10x the guitarist that Duane was.
    I saw the ABB at my state fair in the mid 90s when Warren and Woody had joined the band; this was around the time 1st and 2nd set were out. Ol Dickey bailed half way into the gig. The excuse was "stomach issues" or something...probably just too fuckered. Anyway, Warren proceeded to pretty much single-handedly salvage the rest of the show. Handled all the vocals (with Gregg), sang all Dickey's tunes, and played the ever living shit out of his Les Paul. The man is a triple threat; player, singer, and songwriter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    Don't forget Chet Atkins, Glen Campbell, and Roy Clark, while we're throwing names around.
    And Don Rich and Roy Nichols. Now your speaking my language. How the hell I miss this thread last year!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Manhattan View Post
    Up to 3 pages without a mention of SRV?
    Since this is a "strength" forum after all, if you ever want to see an otherworldly feat of strength, watch Stevie manhandle his strat strung with 0.13s on Live at El Mocambo DVD. THE strongest guitar playing I've ever seen. 25" scale neck, with piano wires, and he makes it look like a toy. Unreal.

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    Anyone here likes the KING ?

    B.B. King - Blues Boys Tune (From B.B. King - Live at Montreux 1993) - YouTube

    Unique tone and vibratus. A fucking genius.

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