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Thread: regarding the BPH/catheter closed thread

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    Default regarding the BPH/catheter closed thread

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    Just read the BPH surgery closed thread from the weekly report. I am not a doctor, never been diagnosed with BPH, never had surgery. But I have had difficulty voiding my bladder leading to frequent urination disrupting my sleep. I have found the supplement DIM--diindolylmethane--to be very effective for these issues. I don't know if it would help everyone as much as it helped me, but it's been effective enough for me that I think every man should know about it. Nice side effect of improving erection strength, too, which I wasn't expecting.

    After using it for years, I started to notice some difficulty voiding my bladder again, and added vitamin K and sometimes a pomegranate supplement, which has helped.

    Just wanted to mention it here in case it helps some guys postpone surgery, have better quality of life, etc. It might be the most wow/silver bullet supplement I have ever used.

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    Thanks. Sales just increased.

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    Glad to see this open again. I wanted to reply to the OP. In 2003 when I was 53 I began having problems with my prostate. Mainly having the feeling I had to urinate isn't times during the day. One night I wound up going to the ER feeling like I was going to bust. They put in a catheter and got out 900ml, what a relief. They left it in and sent me home.i went to a urologist soon after. He took it out, did some testing and gave me flow-max. I did get a TURP procedure soon after. It was a bit painful for a few days, and when I did sqt I felt my prostate for the first time in my life. The only problem with a TURP is it causes retrograde evacuation. I've been ok since then, recent PSA test showed .45. I don't have any problems urinating and sleep through the night 95% of the time.

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