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Thread: Heavy bench day for OHP specialization

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maybach View Post
    If the quality of that mass isn't high, then he has a lot more linear progression left on the table. And the "quality" of that mass matters far less than you would think.

    Any normal man who ends their NLP unable to bench their bodyweight for reps has badly fucked up their NLP.
    Hi mate. Sorry, I think I confused this topic with another one I was writting in. Forget my comment.

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    I call myself a presscialist, currently doing HLM on squat and press, and about to add in another press day... Probably a pin press day. As for bench, I bench once a week generally, sometimes every two weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    The horrible truth is that you cannot specialize in both types of pressing. After the novice progression, a big bench does not contribute to a big press, and vice versa.
    I will say, I love what you said a while back: "A big presser usually has a decent bench without benching a lot, but a big bencher who doesn't press a lot will not have a big press." I'm sure I butchered it but I love it nonetheless.

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