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Thread: Robert Santana PhD RD SSC: Weight Loss for the Lifter

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    Default Robert Santana PhD RD SSC: Weight Loss for the Lifter

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    I work out in Robert's gym. In general he advises us to eat more lean protein, less fat and a lot more complex carbohydrate (that is, non-sugar.) If you eat as much carbohydrate as he suggests it's hard for even lifelong trough addict pigs like me to eat too much fat because we're so full. You can't eat properly at restaurants because almost all the food is sugary and high in fat. Eating mostly high-fat protein like steak, bacon and sausage can also defeat this diet. But doing my best to stick to this diet for the past 3 1/2 years, with frequent bad meals at work, my weight is down slightly and I'm a lot stronger. The ladies at work definitely notice.

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