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Thread: Straps and novices

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    Hello Mark , if you read this I just want to say that your program has helped me immensely. I appreciate all the Podcast and articles that you upload for our edification and benefit. Alright now to the point, I am 5'11 230 lbs I've been following the SS novice program for 2 1/2 months. My current lifts are (all lifts are in lbs) 105 overhead press, 140 bench, 210 squat and a 315 deadlift conventional. My deadlift is improving vastly and I am so pleased so see my numbers go up as a young egotistical teen, but i struggle with grip. Past 280 my grip goes out the window, I can get great torso tension a nice straight back but when I go to push the bar from the ground it just doesn't rise. Should I work on a hookgrip or reverse grip before buying straps? Sincerely Duke

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