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Thread: iliocostalis syndrome?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajgeb21 View Post
    If they can fix my positioning and I could deadlift normally Id be happy to do it. Looks like the closest SS certified gym is 2 hours away in Baltimore.
    Im not sure I have but Ive never felt good with a belt on the deadlift. I will buy rips belt eventually but I believe my gyms prong belt is 3inches which I use for pressing. I will have to measure it
    I'm sure you'll be surprised how much good that trip will do you. Getting you doing the lifts according to the model is exactly what SSCs do, and do well.

    It took me a while in my training career to get accustomed to deadlifting with a belt, too - also well worth it. You do wear it for squats, too, right?

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    For the short waisted, cheating the belt a bit up onto your ribs can help alleviate impingement or pinching on your hips.

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