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Thread: Rip Video: Weigh Your Plates

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    Sounds more like a scale that's not precise enough to measure these small amounts. Did you use a kitchen scale for the smaller weights? Note that even kitchen scales aren't all that precise, but at least they should have lower thresholds than your average person scale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost and Found View Post
    If I'm reading that correctly what is going on with your fractional plates?
    Its his scale, its probably not made to weigh things that light at the very bottom end of the range.

    I have a small digital food scale that does the same thing. For normal stuff like 1 oz to 5 lbs its ok. But if you start fooling around with 5 mg of creatine to see how accurate the scooper they provide in the tub is ....well, everything is either zero or 5g or 10g. Something that I know should be around 7.5g will read 0 , or 10, or 5 at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    What brand is stamped on these plates?
    I bought them for cheap on Amazon. Iím a little hesitant to disparage the company quite yet because although I weighed them several times,
    I could see it being possible that my scale is just not accurate enough at that low of a weight.

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