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Thread: Belt Placement After Laproscopic Gallbladder Removal

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    Default Belt Placement After Laproscopic Gallbladder Removal

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    Two quick questions:

    I'm 14 days post-op, had my follow-up and naturally the surgeon said I have a 10lb restriction for another 14 days. I explained to him that I weight train, and that I would be returning in a few days with light weights (aggressive for him...probably conservative for Starting Strength) and after the discussion he shared that he was only concerned with one of my incisions where he had to place an extra stitch in the deep fascia. This incision is immediately to the left of my belly button. I also have another on the right of my belly button...another about 4 inches to the right of that one, and a 4th probably two inches below my left rib. All of those are stitch free.

    First question is on belt placement. I wear a 3 inch belt and it naturally sits below the navel and the incision points. I understand the nature of the repair is different than that of a hernia, and I've heard/read about you recommending a belt (or two) to wear over the incisions. For this situation is there any reason to adjust the belt to sit on top of the incisions that run "across" the belly temporarily as I work back up in weight due to the extra stitch?

    Second question is about chins. I like doing them, any reason to hold off?

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    My advice has been to wear an additional velcro belt above the normal placement of your 3-inch leather belt. If you wait 28 days, you are probably not going to hurt yourself. But chins are going to hurt for a couple of months. Most people don't appreciate how much they hit your abs.

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