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I think my story is typical. I never, ever participated in any sort of athletic activity as a young person. Not one quarter, down or inning. My driver’s license at age 16 read 6’2” and 143 pounds. I was an underweight male. I got married to Charity at 22 years old and worked hard to build a business and a life.

By age 34 I was fat and detrained. One morning I got out of breath while tying my shoes and decided to change it. I hired a “trainer”, restricted my calories and proceeded to lose 53 pounds. It was hard, I was constantly hungry, my bench press never went up and I was skinny fat 179 pounds.

After several years of not getting stronger, not getting to eat more food and spending tens of thousands of dollars on “trainers” I found out about Starting Strength on I bought the book. I studied the book. I underlined and made notes in the book. I learned the lifts from the book. I started linear progression with a buddy and learned to love it. I was stronger at the end of month one than I had ever been.

I’ve gained all of the weight back. It ain’t fat this time.

I am not a gifted strength athlete. I have an explosive vertical leap of 16". I got a very late start in strength training. I have a kyphotic spinal curve, a short torso and long legs. As a result, squatting with good form is a terrible struggle for me. I think learning Starting Strength as my very first introduction to weight lifting (no bad habits), plus starting late and sucking a lot, makes me a better coach. It’s hard for me, so I understand where, how and why it’s hard for other trainees.

I love helping people get stronger.
Tulsa, OK
Reading the western canon, bridge, picking up heavy things.
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