Annoyingly persistent shoulder pain Annoyingly persistent shoulder pain

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Thread: Annoyingly persistent shoulder pain

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    I wonder if injuries would go in this forum? Or nagging problems? Hmm..

    Anyways, I have had nagging, right shoulder pain for probably ~4 months. The pain has never been very high in intensity (I'm not sure it's ever exceeded even a 5 on a 10 point scale), it's just persistent as fuck, and hard to connect with weight training movements.

    Symptoms = a feeling of general, sometimes "deep" pain, I'd call it "burny," somewhat posterior. I can evoke it by fully flexing and abducting the shoulder (e.g. if I were to lay on my stomach in bed, and lay on my arm, that would be a flexed and abducted position). This, in theory, would be the stretched position for anything that extended and adducted the shoulder (e.g. the lats and teres major in particular), so I suppose they're potential culprits, though chins don't hurt at all.

    I had a PT take a look at it but he couldn't tell me anything definitive other than there appears to be some inflammation, a little biceps involvement, and that it probably wasn't a labral tear.

    Now, I'm not normally retarded about injuries, generally if a given exercise actually hurts I will stop it. On the hunch that benching frequently was fucking me up, I dropped benching to only once a week with overhead press getting the priority, which sort of seemed to help. But I will still sometimes wake up after sleeping with that deep, burny feeling.

    I'm sort of curious why the hell this hasn't healed, because nothing in the weight room hurts much. I tried getting a vicious massage a few months ago, but it didn't seem to help. Maybe time for active release?

    Just curious to see if anybody has had similar symptoms, and what steps they took to resolve it.

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    I was having an annoying pain in my shoulder that distracted me from my benching back in the beginning of November 09. I completely stopped benching and just pressed only for about 6 weeks or so. Then I eased back into benching first starting with once a week, and pressing twice a week - to - alternating benching and pressing equally. Now, I have no problems with either movement.

    But I do have medial epicondylitis from elbows dropping on squats now. So I'm Safety Squat Bar squatting for six weeks or so, until the pain goes away...and will get back under the barbell when that happens. I can't wait as I am really annoyed with the lower weight I do on the SSB squats.

    If its the bench that's bothering you, you can take a break from it for a little while. The strength comes back staggeringly fast in the movement and the pain is gone.


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