adductor injury. hope its not redundant. adductor injury. hope its not redundant.

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Thread: adductor injury. hope its not redundant.

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    Default adductor injury. hope its not redundant.

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    i injured the tip of my left adductor near my genitals. starr rehab is not an option for i can work through the pain. . im still in linear progression for your information and doing light days on the middle of the week coz i think im nearing my limits and because of facility issues(only squat stand) during the middle of the week.

    i am curious though as to why the intensity of pain increases as my weight varies from 1/10 in the pain scale on light days to 3/10 on heavy days. the pain is only during my squat work sets and subdues after i switch to my next lift and eventually after i cooled down post workout. hell this fucking pain subdues faster than my DOMS the next day.

    i believe the pain doesnt affect my squats although i am wary that the continual increase in work weight would injure it more. what do you think should i do? should I rest for a week or so? should i do some dynamic stretching shit?

    am planning on icing it although the pain is near my genital/ass ares do you think that the cool temperature would affect my twigs and berries? lol

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    Very interested in people's thoughts on this. Did something to my upper back doing power cleans, and it's acting the same way.

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    Fellas, some of these things do go away with time, provided strict attention to form is kept, and even while increasing the load; others do not. It has been my experience that most times they heal as long as form is kept strict, but sometimes they need a little more attention. No one can guarantee you 100% that said injury will not get worse. If you're injury falls into the "gets worse" category, there are plenty of therapeutic modalities out there, some of which can be found on this site with use of the search function.

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    My son strained his adductor brevis lunging during a fencing meet. Did the PT thing that seemed to help (a lot of stretching and work to strengthen the muscle). Used lots of ice with no effect on "the particulars". He is not allowed to lunge, actually doesn't need to because he is so goddam fast. Since we started squatting, he has had no issues with the adductor.

    Proud father note: He is at the Midwest High School Championships this weekend and stands a very good chance at taking number one. Also got his C rating which allows him to fence in Division 1 against Olympic and World Cup calibre fencers. Expect major crushings the first few tournaments, but ya gotta learn. I attribute all of this success to squatting.


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