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    I just got Bill Starr's book and noticed and interesting supplement recommendation.

    Dessicated liver. It is rich in iron, B vitamins, folic acid, protein and suppossedly excellent for the strength athlete.

    I have had a brief look on the net and cannot find much more info about it, but what I can find seems to suggest the same.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any experience of using it? Is it cheap enough to swallow 50 pills at a time?

    Does it actually taste like meat?

    Most importantly does it work?

    I would just eat some real liver if I could bear the taste, but it makes me gag.

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    While I haven't gotten to 50 pills a day (more like 25 at a bw of 220), they are convenient. They are generally horse pills, so be warned. According to Starr and others, the best to find is the undefatted version.

    They don't taste like meat. I find my recovery and energy are better when I take liver, if that is how you define "work". I hope this helps.


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