Power cleans and clavicle injuries Power cleans and clavicle injuries

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Thread: Power cleans and clavicle injuries

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    Default Power cleans and clavicle injuries

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    two days ago i powercleaned 53kg and i seem to have injured my clavicle. (The pole sometimes land on my clavicle)
    At first, it looked like a usual hematoma but today i noticed there's a small bag of jelly like thing in the center of the hematoma.

    I believe it's blood and other fluids.

    My father said something about sterno-clavicular dislocation which frankly kinda frightened me.
    1) Do you guys think i might have actually dislocated the clavicle?
    It only hurts when i press against the hematoma and it doesnt impairs my arm\neck\torso mobility.

    Im not going to give up on this amazing exercise but i'll probably reset or something to perfect my technique

    2) what can i do to make it heal faster?

    thanks ahead, and sorry for the bad english.

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    It's likely just a bruise.

    To heal faster, maybe some ice intermittently for 20-30 minutes 4-5 times per day for a few days.

    To prevent, don't "crash the bar" anymore - meet it. In all likelihood, you are pulling it higher than you need to and letting it fall back into the rack. You want to get your arms up fast enough to catch it on your delts.

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    post a vid. I suspect catching the bar with your elbows pointing to the floor and bouncing off your legs so the bar travels up in an arc isntead of a straight line.


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