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    Hey all..

    I've developed some annoying pain in my knee.. I'll describe the symptoms:
    When my knee is fully bent, there's pain in the back of my knee.. almost feels like it could be at the top of my calf. It does hurt when I squat, though I can ignore it. If I kneel down on both knees and then sit back on my heels, it's fairly excruciating.

    It's been almost the same for almost 4 weeks (maybe a little more). Definitely better when warmed up - in fact, I had one day last week when I did a fairly extensive interval run after squats and the rest of that day the pain was nearly nonexistent.

    Any ideas?.. if your idea involves going to the Doc, save yourself time cause I do plan on doing that...

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    Do you think this is a soft tissue thing, or is it more like joint pain? If it is soft tissue, have you spent any time on a foam roller? A useful technique is to look upstream and downstream to identify problem areas (tight hamstrings, limited ankle flexibility, etc...) from the place that hurts. Regularly rolling on the quads and IT band and calves can alleviate pain in the knee in many cases. Is there something you are doing (like a lot of Oly lifting) that would cause high impulse forces that could irritate things? For more soft tissue and mobility stuff, check out San Francisco CrossFit's blog:

    Kelly Starrett is a PT and has several pieces on these things. Best of luck, man.


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