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    M, 25yo, ~175 lbs

    I am a beginner lifter and began SS at a conservative 95lbs squat. I added 5 every workout and progressed to 195squat without stalling. My weight went from ~170 to ~180 A chronic illness I have (viral, not injury related) flared up and I did not lift for a week. During this time I was probably eating about 1/4 the calories I had been consuming previously.

    I was quite upset that I saw myself as 15lbs behind what i should be on my squat. When I felt well enough to lift again I did not reset at all and started back up at 195. Big mistake. Big wreck on first rep of first set. Next workout I, very begrudgingly, reset to 165 and nearly cried when I stalled on my second set of 5. Next workout I reset to 150! I was able to do my 3x5. Next workout I went up to 155 and stalled again. I couldn't be more demotivated.
    I've been eating and sleeping the same as I was when I had progressed to 195 the first time.

    Any ideas why this would happen? Do I have to reset to 100lbs again??

    Edit: I should also mention that squats are the only exercise I have been having problems with. My bench was at 140 and it is back to 140. Press was 85 and it is back to 85. Deadlift was 195 its back to 195
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    What are your warm up lifts, are you doing them at all? Do you do a row/bike warm up before that?

    It doesn't sound like you're warming up--if you warmed up you'd know you weren't prepared to hit your lift. Your warmup might go 45x2x5, 95x4, 135x3, 165x2, 185x1. If you are as weak as you say you were, you'd know by 165 if you were going to make the 195 set.

    Out for a week shouldn't put you down 45 pounds. It sounds like you are doing something wrong. 45 pounds down is the kind of result you'd get if you felt "off" before even walking into the gym--like you slept 3 hours the night before.

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    It sounds like your chronic illness is still affecting you even if you otherwise feel better. Give it another few sessions and if you still are not making progress back to your previous levels, I'd check with a doctor. I can't imagine what else would cause that kind of decline after only a week off.

    Don't lose heart. Keep at it & you'll be back and then some.

    Good luck.

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    a month later and I am still only at 170.
    I do warmups. example for working set 160 would be
    2x5 45
    1x5 60
    1x3 95
    1x2 125
    3x5 160

    I do not row or anything like that before. I go right into warmup sets and rest about 1 min between them. then rest about 3 minutes between working sets.

    food is and always has been ~4k cal per day. 120g fat, 400g carb, 240g prot.

    I am incredibly discouraged having only increased 20 lbs in an entire month when I am supposed to be seeing newbie gains.

    When I posted to Rips Q&A he also suggested that it could be my illness is worse then i realize. I am often fatigued. Im scheduled for surgery at the end of the month. hopefully that fixes me up.


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