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    After I woke up this morning and felt a sharp pain had it looked at today. It was a minor AC sprain so shoulder bench and press will be put on hold for a bit just wondering if anybody had any experience with a similar injury and if they had any advice to help recover. Thanks

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    About two weeks ago a drunken idiot friend put me in a chicken wing. It was difficult to isolate where the pain was the following morning, but it was anteriorly, around the area of the AC joint. I have pain free complete unweighted ROM, but even the bar caused pain for the bench, yet overhead presses were fine. Oddly, palpating around the entire area I found it was most painful under the arm put around the biceps long head tendon.

    My first week I just did OHP in every workout and just to be safe did a slight reset. Also used post exercise and pre bed ice treatment. This week I have experiemented with other assistance presses to what is pain free and what is isnt. Dips are completely out, but incline DBs are ok depending on the weight used; a 5RM weight is very sore even at the first rep, but a 10RM is pain free through all reps of all 3 sets. I've already got the OHP back up to the pre reset weight, and the increases I've made in the pain free weight of the incline DBs makes me think I might be up to a pain free 5RM weight by monday and hopefully back to proper benching by the following week.

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    take a break but I urge you to keep morning through full range of pain free motion multiple times a day and aim to increase that range of motion. reach slight pain and back of reach slight pain, back off etc.

    really high rep very low or no load, move it. Ice rest and NSAIDS


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