i'm pretty sure that the recovery section is the section that most resembles to what i'm after.

basically when ever i get into a defensive end stance, and have my left foot forward, i'm alright and can fire off the ball just fine.
but whenever i have my right foot forward my hip flexors in that right leg tend to tighten up, i can't hold that that position for long and ultimately can't explode as fast. what's going on? i'm left hand dominant by the way.

another parameter that might help you is that whenever i do this stretch:

roll to 2:05

i have my right foot on my left knee, my shins gets perpendicular to the floor in a matter of seconds and i can touch the floor really quickly.
but whenever i'm having my left foot on my right knee, i'll have to do lots of aggressive pushing just to get it perpendicular and stay there, and then it'll take me lots of more time to get to the bottom of the stretch.

what should i do? should i introduce unilateral leg movements after my regular training sessions?

every evening i warm up and do dynamic stretches, then mobility work, then soft tissue work and then static stretch. all in all it takes me about an hour each time.