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    Quote Originally Posted by CONRO View Post
    Hi, I've suffered of insomnia caused by stress (gym and life stress), anxiety and stuff... I have tried multiple solutions to that, and after many attempts I can say that for me the most powerful supplement for sleeping better is "Neuro Rest" by UTMOST ME, you can find it on amazon. In addition to the supplement the company gives a 4 week plan for increase sleep quality, you can find it on the site and it will be free unlocked when you'll get the code from buying it. I find it very helpful! Another thing I've bought is a bluetooth sleeping eye mask, it covers your face from lights and if you like it, you can listen to relaxing music when sleeping.
    I will try meditation and yoga, but not yet tried it, although I think it could help.
    Finally when I can't fall asleep at all, or in hard stress periods, I drink 2 (and not more) glass of red good wine before going to bed.
    I'm not a doctor, so take this for what it is worth, regarding Neuro Rest. There's evidence that longterm supplementation of 5-HTP and L trytophan alone can lead to depletion of dopamine and norepinephrine, unless it's supplemented concurrently with L-dopa and tyrosine (the amino acid precursors for dopamine and norepinephrine. And frankly, if someone is eating enough animal proteins and complex carbs (which, we should be already), they should be synthesizing plenty of serotonin anyway-- it's usually a problem on the receptor end rather than a supply issue.

    All that to say, I would be leery about taking 5-HTP for very long (and it's contraindicated for people taking SSRIs or MAOIs).

    Melatonin seems to be a good option, though. Back when I was in "The Place" (inpatient addiction treatment) melatonin and benadryl was the go-to combo for insomnia, and it seemed to work pretty well for a lot of people.

    Melatonin and benadryl are cheap, too, and don't adversely affect your other neurotransmitters.

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    i get about 5hrs a night, get up at 3:45 for an hours commute into work, and have a 2 hours commute most nights coming home. keep your priorities clear: family time comes first. I know that i have not made the same degree of gains that i could have had i put some evening limits on family time but why kind of a father/husband would i be? even with my sleep well below The Plan i am a hell of lot stronger now, and feel tons better, than i did before. that's a big win in my book (and why i recommend The Book to all my friends).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Bingley View Post
    i get about 5hrs a night, get up at 3:45 for an hours commute into work, and have a 2 hours commute most nights coming home.
    It hurts just to read this. It's good that you're getting what you can out of training under such sapping conditions.

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