Chronic NLP nutrition/recovery problem Chronic NLP nutrition/recovery problem

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Thread: Chronic NLP nutrition/recovery problem

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    Default Chronic NLP nutrition/recovery problem

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    30yo male, 5'11" 160 lbs. NLP (Phase 1) on/off for years. When my squat progresses to ~bodyweight (or bench ~75% bw), I'll complete all reps (albeit with worse form) but get tired, weak, and depressed for a week. Even a de-load seems to only prolong this funk, so I take a break. Finally accepted I'm not eating enough (I sleep enough) and therefore Not Doing The Program. Just started counting calories (and macros) and estimate I was getting ~2000 Calories/day in the past.

    My question: Should I aim for Feigenbaum's "To Be A Beast" (~2700 Calories, 175g protein, 320g carbs, 80g fat) with 12% milk if need be? Or should I be going all-out 4000 Calories/day whole milk until I exhaust NLP gains? Any other advice? Thanks in advance.

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    Fix your technique and start with the 175/320/80 and ride that until it gets hard again. Then eat more.


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