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    • wichita falls texas december seminar 2020
    • wichita falls texas february 2021 seminar
    Come join Starting Strength Coach and Registered Dietitian Robert Santana and Registered Dietitian Audrey Friedman at Starting Strength Nutrition Camps.

    Camps will begin with a discussion of basic nutritional concepts including energy balance and macro- and micronutrient balance. The discussion will then move to training considerations and the underlying theory behind nutritional manipulations to optimize performance for the strength trainee. Training considerations for lifters at various levels of advancement will be discussed in depth. The camp will conclude with a practical component where attendees will learn how to effectively measure and/or estimate portion sizes, read food labels, and properly use smartphone apps to manage nutrition. This will include the application of the Weights & Plates’ Nutrition Linear Progression to provide attendees with habit based goals to aim for in their quest towards optimizing strength, nutrition, and health!

    Camp objectives
    • Learn basic nutritional concepts and theoretical framework
    • Develop nutritional strategies to supplement your training program
    • Discuss practical strategies for managing nutrition both at home and while traveling

    Upcoming Camps

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    Coach how do I get you to Virginia? I love what you’re doing and need to get my Young athletes in your orbit

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    Not sure about VA but we will be holding one in Maryland this coming Spring. If you get enough interested we are happy to entertain the idea!


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