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    I'm 44 years old. I've lost 10 pounds this month with another 60 to go, was told by my doctor that the top end of my "normal" body fat % would bring me down to around 235 pounds. I lost the 10 pounds eating around 2300 calories per day; trending at 40-60g of carbs, 140-160g of fat, 230 to 280g of protein (this is just me eye balling the last few days of food tracking on MFP).

    My current exercise is just 30-60 minutes of walking; I haven't been to the gym in almost a year but want to start training again.

    I'm not really in the normal profile in the book. Is this appropriate to continue if I was to add three days of strength training per week? My primary goal is the weight loss. Almost all of my fat is in the stomach area, it's very uncomfortable and causes me back aches.

    Appreciate any feedback

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    Thanks for posting. You may get away with it for the first couple of weeks while learning the movement but you'll start to gas out rather quick because that is not enough carbohydrates even for the guy who needs to lose body fat. I'd swap the fats for carbohydrates and cut the protein slightly lower and you will make better progress for a little while. That's the general jist of it anyways. If you are looking for some coaching, I'm open to discussing options with you as well, just shoot me an email.


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